COVID19 Control and Vaccination Policies for Your Medical Practice!


With the rollout of the COVID19 vaccinations, many physicians are encountering pushback when encouraging office staff compliance.  Unless a reasonable accommodation is needed under the ADA or a religious exemption has been articulated, physicians are absolutely permitted to mandate COVID19 vaccine compliance in their practices.  Avoid the hassle altogether, and promulgate the appropriate office policies today.

The firm is offering discounted COVID19 policy bundles for your medical practice.  Policies prepared by lawyers to achieve compliance with CDC and Department of Health guidance backed by a solid team of professionals to assist you with any pushback you receive from personnel.  The two policy bundles are as follows:

Option 1:  COVID19 Control Policy & COVID19 Vaccination Policy ($149.99)

Option 2:  COVID19 Control Policy, COVID19 Vaccination Policy, Infection Control Policy, Sterilization Policy, Expired Medication Policy, Injectables Policy ($299.00)

Take control of the pandemic and your staff.  Contact the firm today!

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