Employment & HR Services

Employment & HR Services

Nan Gallagher is not only a seasoned healthcare attorney but also an accomplished employment counselor and litigator. The Firm regularly litigates employment claims on behalf of and in defense of medical practices and physicians ranging from discrimination, restrictive covenants, breach of contract, tortious interference with economic advantage, intellectual property rights, hostile work environment, CEPA (Whistleblower) claim, Qui Tams, wrongful terminations, and arbitrations.

Certified by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts, Ms. Gallagher is often called upon to serve as a Mediator in employment disputes, and she is frequently asked to serve as a Hearing Officer for hospital administrative hearings.

The Firm offers a deep-bench of ancillary services for our healthcare clientele including hiring & firing, unemployment & COBRA services, employment manuals, policy manuals, workforce training, OSHA training & forms, HIPAA training & forms, drafting & review of employment & independent contractor agreements, vendor contracts, online reputational services, social media counseling & monitoring, and disability services.

The Nan Gallagher Law Group also serves as Chief Legal Officer and Human Resources Supervisor for countless medical practices.