Medical Staff & General Counsel Services

Medical Staff & General Counsel Services

Medical Staff Services

A Medical Staff is a legal entity comprised of the organized body of licensed physicians who are permitted by law and by a hospital through the credentialing and privileging process to render medical care within that hospital or facility. The organized Medical Staff performs essential hospital functions even though it may often consist primarily of independent practicing physicians who are not hospital employees. The core responsibilities of the organized Medical Staff are the promotion of patient safety and the quality of care.

In the current landscape of more and more health systems acquiring hospitals and their subsidiaries purchasing or leasing medical practices or employing physicians, it is imperative that organized Medical Staffs maintain their self-governance, autonomy, and voice in the hospital landscape. At times, the interests of the health system and hospital substantially diverge from the independent Medical Staff, which only makes separate legal representation for the Medical Staff so crucial. The Nan Gallagher Law Group provides skilled oversight and input for Medical Staffs in their business affairs, credentialing, physician monitoring, regulatory compliance, bylaws, and disciplinary actions. Ensuring that the Medical Staff’s autonomy and physicians’ rights are maintained, we work hand in hand with physician leadership at the officer and departmental levels to honor these goals.

General Counsel Services For Associations & Medical Practices

The Firm also serves as General Counsel to countless private medical practices and medical associations. Under our General Counsel agreements, our clients are afforded bumper-to-bumper healthcare services for all of their practices’ and organizations’ needs as well as a discount on all other legal services The Nan Gallagher Law Group provides.

We also provide annual and monthly retainer programs to our medical practice clientele offering a diverse selection of legal services for a set fee coupled with a discount on all other services not covered under the program.