State & Federal Disciplinary Actions

State & Federal Disciplinary Actions

The States of New Jersey and New York through their Departments of Consumer Affairs regulate all licensed healthcare professionals through their various boards. Those with a New Jersey or New York medical license or other professional license work hard to obtain any and all medical licensing. The Nan Gallagher Law Group represents healthcare professionals and facilities in investigations and enforcement actions concerning such licenses. When necessary, we contest actions of the professional licensing boards through the Office of Administrative Law. In addition, we counsel providers on compliance with the web of statutes, regulations, and policies that govern various licenses.

The Nan Gallagher Law Group has earned a reputation as a “go-to” firm for physicians and other licensed professionals facing the prospect of disciplinary proceedings before the medical board of New Jersey and New York. Practitioners are often caught off guard by the aggressive approach of these boards in investigations and enforcement. We take a proactive and comprehensive approach that has proven effective in addressing Board inquiries, administratively dismissing Board investigations promptly whenever possible, and resolving disciplinary matters effectively, whenever necessary.

We not only defend our clients but use our expertise and resources to help clients address compliance issues and minimize the risks of “collateral damage” to their practices and business interests. We have earned a reputation for tenacious defense of physicians at every stage, including administrative hearings and, when necessary, post-hearing appeals. In addition, we counsel providers on compliance with the web of statutes, regulations, and policies that govern various licenses and offer “Mock Inspections” of practices regularly.

The Nan Gallagher Law Group has been widely recognized as a leader in legal issues related to organized hospital medical/dental staffs. We represent physicians and other healthcare providers throughout all phases of medical staff privilege disputes, including investigations, peer review hearings, and appeals.

When peer review bodies restrict privileges or even when physicians resign during investigations, the consequent reporting to the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners and the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct and to the National Practitioner Data Bank can wreak havoc on physicians’ lives. Physicians are often caught off-guard by the threat of reporting of privilege restrictions, suspensions, and non-renewals. Our lawyers work with clients to avoid reportable events and to defend our clients against peer review proposed actions in staff privilege hearings.

In addition to our leadership role on the behalf of physicians, The Nan Gallagher Law Group also serves as medical staff counsel to several physician-controlled medical staffs and works with provider-owned healthcare facilities across New Jersey to ensure compliance with the requirements of the peer review and credentialing process. We are relied upon as authorities on all aspects of the peer review and credentialing process. Our attorneys have also been asked to serve as hearing officers in peer review hearings.

With twenty years of professional liability and administrative defense experience under her belt, Nan Gallagher is a reputable and accomplished medical malpractice defense attorney in our legal community. Licensed in both New Jersey and New York and on defense panels for many professional liability carriers, Ms. Gallagher has successfully defended a vast array of licensed healthcare professionals to verdict. Often, she is retained as personal counsel, merely to supplement the legal defense provided by a practitioner’s professional liability or administrative defense coverage.