Nan Gallagher Presents on “The Opioid Crisis” at Coders Day 2018


On Saturday, October 13th , Principal Nan Gallagher presented an engaging lecture on “The Opioid Crisis” at “Coder’s Day 2018” for the New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders at Branches, West Long Branch, New Jersey.  Ms. Gallagher has been an outspoken advocate in support of educating members of the healthcare industry on the perils of prescribing and the devastating effects of narcotic addiction.

Attendees of “Coders Day 2018” received a primer on the strict legislation concerning the prescribing and necessary documentation of opiates as well as the  implications of prescribing and documentation / coding practices with administrative bodies and insurance carriers.

According to their website, “AAPC was founded in 1988 to provide education and professional certification to physician-based medical coders and to elevate the standards of medical coding by providing training, certification, networking, and job opportunities. Since then, AAPC has grown to over 175,000 members worldwide and offers 28 certifications encompassing the entire business side of healthcare, including professional service coding (CPC®), professional billing (CPB), medical auditing (CPMA), clinical documentation (CDEO), medical compliance (CPCO), and physician practice management (CPPM) … Certifications demonstrate a professional’s working knowledge to support cleaner claim submission, faster reimbursement, fewer denials, and better run practices and facilities … APC offers superior training for all stages of a healthcare career, whether it be those new to the business of healthcare or experienced medical professionals seeking to advance with the latest industry trends.”

Nan Gallagher has devoted her career exclusively to the advocacy of healthcare professionals and entities. An accomplished healthcare litigation and administrative attorney, she focuses her practice on licensing, regulatory and credentialing matters in New Jersey and New York, all facets of administrative professional discipline, litigation, medical malpractice defense, Medical Staff and Society representation, General Counsel services, summary suspensions and fair hearings, peer review QA investigations, credentialing assistance, EMR and cybersecurity counseling, estate and disaster planning for protected health information, physician burnout & impairment, disruptive behavior, online persona management, employment and labor counseling, Qui Tams, ERISA and state out-of-network appeals, audits, billing and coding counseling, agency investigations, and HIPAA and OSHA compliance counseling. She also is a nationally recognized authority on groundbreaking healthcare topics.

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