Firm Settles Longstanding Employment Discrimination & Wrongful Termination Suit on Behalf of Female Plastic Surgeon


On July 19, 2022, and after 3 years of intensive arbitration proceedings, The Nan Gallagher Law Group settled the claims of discrimination, hostile work environment, and harassment asserted by its client against her former employer, which the Firm maintained had unlawfully terminated her. The Firm’s client, a reputable female plastic surgeon in the TriState area, was terminated by her former plastic surgical practice just 4 months after she gave birth to her first child. The physician had been subjected to a grueling and unbalanced schedule after returning to work after a brief maternity leave, was not provided legally compliant accommodations for nursing, pumping and nourishment, and was fired for what the Firm staunchly maintained were manufactured allegations of clinical incompetency.

Prior to reaching this six-figure settlement, the defendant practice was exposed to punitive damages and reimbursement of the physician’s attorneys fees. Moreover, the Firm also successful in completely freeing the physician from an overly oppressive restrictive covenant a year prior to its anticipated end.

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