Nan Gallagher Serves as Panelist for National ZOOM Event: “Town Hall: Roadmap for Resuming Business Operations” Co-Hosted by Chapters of the Medical Group Management Association and Medicus IT


On Wednesday, May 6th, Nan Gallagher served as a Panelist for “Town Hall: Roadmap for Resuming Business Operations” for eight (8) State Chapters of the Medical Group Management Association and for Medicus IT.  Other panelists included: Cameron M. Cox, III, President & CEO, MSOC Health; Maddox Casey, CPA, Warren Averett; Brian Ramos, COO, Capital Anesthesia Partners; and Nelson Gomes, NJ President / Senior Vice President of Development, Medicus IT. The highly attended and well-received healthcare meeting of the minds aired nationally and has been banked for members to view on-demand moving forward.  Ms. Gallagher was honored to be asked to serve as a Panelist for this timely educational webinar for their members and was pleased with the amount of member engagement during this unprecedented time.

 The “Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is a key element in perpetuating success throughout the healthcare industry. Whether you’re an MGMA member to advance your personal goals or your professional career, [MGMA has ] the resources to initiate change and drive results.  With exceptional peer-to-peer and mentor-to-peer support systems as well as abundant hard-copy and digital resources, [they] are spearheading the path to healthcare advancement.”–

Since [it’s] founding, Medicus IT has successfully managed, implemented and provided integrated IT services to numerous organizations in and around … New Jersey including physician practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals. As thought leaders in the field, clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies count on [them] to deliver world-class IT services, to ensure optimum performance of their processes, improve productivity, increase their cost savings, and to get the best return on their IT investment. [Medicus IT’s] strength is in [their] ability to adapt … to … clients’ needs and customize solutions to meet their individual requirements. [They] measure … success by the success of [their] clients.“ –

Nan Gallagher has devoted her career exclusively to the advocacy of healthcare professionals and entities. An accomplished healthcare and employment litigator and administrative attorney, she focuses her practice on licensing, regulatory and credentialing matters in New Jersey and New York, all facets of administrative professional discipline, litigation, medical malpractice defense, Medical Staff and Society representation, General Counsel services, summary suspensions and fair hearings, hearing officer services, privileged practice QA peer review investigations, credentialing guidance, EMR and cybersecurity counseling, physician and practice transactional services, estate and disaster planning for medical practices, physician burnout & impairment, disruptive behavior, online persona management, employment and labor counseling, Qui Tams, ERISA and state out-of-network appeals, audits, billing and coding counseling, telemedicine, mock agency inspections, and HIPAA and OSHA compliance services. She is proud to be a Certified HIPAA Administrator and OSHA Compliance Analyst offering manual and training programs to her healthcare clientele.

Ms. Gallagher is a nationally recognized authority and presenter on groundbreaking healthcare topics and is sought after for her tireless and dedicated focus on often controversial pro-physician platforms. She also has carved out a niche practice for herself serving as Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for countless medical practices.