Nan Gallagher Presents “Guidance for Residents & Early Career Psychiatrists Peri- and Post-COVID19” Webinar for the New Jersey Psychiatric Association


Nan Gallagher presented the timely webinar, “Guidance for Residents & Early Career Psychiatrists Peri- and Post-COVID19”, for members of the New Jersey Psychiatry Association (NJPA).  Ms. Gallagher serves as General Counsel of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association and was honored to deliver this very important presentation to her society.

 Objectives of the webinar were to: Educate young psychiatrists through the gauntlet of new and anticipated issues facing them amidst and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Reinforce requirements for compliant telepsychiatry and for prescribing now and in the immediate wake of COVID-19. Elucidate the mental health and behavioral impact of COVID-19 on the community at large and its residual and important impact on the field of psychiatry. Provide focused recommendations for negotiation of key areas of employment and independent contractor agreements with new employment opportunities arising post COVID-19.

“The mission of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association is to serve its members’ professional practice needs, including delivering essential practice management tools and continuing education programs; fostering physician wellness as the foundation of successful practice; educating the public and New Jersey’s lawmakers on the science of psychiatry; supporting the development of NJ psychiatrists in training; promoting the professional standards of psychiatric care; and advocating to protect the interests of patients and their families..” –

For the better part of two decades, Nan Gallagher has devoted her career exclusively to the advocacy of healthcare professionals and entities. An accomplished healthcare litigation and administrative attorney, she focuses her practice on licensing, regulatory and credentialing matters in New Jersey and New York, all facets of administrative professional discipline, litigation, medical malpractice defense, Medical Staff and Society representation, General Counsel services, summary suspensions and fair hearings, peer review QA investigations, credentialing assistance, EMR and cybersecurity counseling, estate and disaster planning for protected health information, physician burnout & impairment, disruptive behavior, online persona management, employment and labor counseling, Qui Tams, ERISA and state out-of-network appeals, audits, billing and coding counseling, agency investigations, and HIPAA and OSHA compliance counseling.