Rounding Out 2018 OSHA Compliant


As 2018 is coming to an end, The Nan Gallagher Law Group is pleased to now offer OSHA Compliance Services to its clients.  We have found during office inspections that many medical practices do not have current OSHA manuals or any structure for Federally-required annual OSHA education and risk assessment for all staff.  Being OSHA compliant not only minimizes workplace injuries and potential lawsuits but also thwarts any administrative scrutiny of your practice.  OSHA auditors “look-back” at least 3 years to enforce compliance.  It is not too late to right the ship.

OSHA Manual (including annual updates)  $950 (*one-time fee)

Annual Staff Education / Risk Assessment $250 (annually)

For further information on our manual and education program, feel free to reply to this email or to call our office at (973) 998-8494.