Nan Gallagher Now Certified HIPAA Administrator


The Nan Gallagher Law Group is proud to announce that Principal, Nan Gallagher, has become a Certified HIPAA Administrator by The HIPAA Academy.  This qualification adds another layer to the depth of services she offers to our clientele.

HIPAA Administrators undergo intensive training on HIPAA regulations and applications and gain a profound understanding of the impact of HIPAA rules on medical practices, hospitals, patients, and payment services.  Furthermore, they focus on the following:

  • Examining requirements for privacy of patient and payment information
  • Preparing Privacy & Security Manuals and Compliance Documentation
  • Analyzing existing medical practitioner and practice documentation to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Formulating key steps such as Gap Analysis and Remediation to initiate Privacy Rule-related projects and activities.

Nan Gallagher has devoted her career exclusively to the advocacy of healthcare professionals and entities. An accomplished healthcare litigation and administrative attorney, she focuses her practice on licensing, regulatory and credentialing matters in New Jersey and New York, all facets of administrative professional discipline, litigation, medical malpractice defense, Medical Staff and Society representation, General Counsel services, summary suspensions and fair hearings, peer review QA investigations, credentialing assistance, EMR and cybersecurity counseling, estate and disaster planning for protected health information, physician burnout & impairment, disruptive behavior, online persona management, employment and labor counseling, Qui Tams, ERISA and state out-of-network appeals, audits, billing and coding counseling, agency investigations, and HIPAA and OSHA compliance counseling. She also is a nationally recognized authority on groundbreaking healthcare topics.